Over 3 years in the making, Their Grind Not Mine is my first printed photography project in the form of a limited edition 24 page zine.
The project is designed to explore the human condition within the world of commuting, with uniquely intimate imagery shot around the globe in cities including London, Seoul, Sydney, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Melbourne.
The work is candid and unstaged, yet offers moments of real human connection and reflection as an examination of the psychological impact of commuting which is something we all too often see steeped in fatigue, anxiety, misery and at times despair.
The project’s intention is one of positive reflection, with viewers asked to examine the human state in the work and see if it resonates with who they are and want to be.
This grind that we see around us, are we a part of it, or is it theirs?
The stylised yet emotive imagery is presented in an exclusive A5 publication printed by UK print specialists HPA in a very limited run.
Each copy is $16.99 (AUS) with free postage within Australia, and $10 for postage globally.  
Please make purchases through Paypal to lester@lesterjones.co
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