Released for UN World Water Day, Mother is a narrative environmental short film offering a cinematic and humanised journey into the effects of climate change.
The film presents Mother Nature as a physical being whose declining essence and being mirrors the state of her world.  
As her world has suffered, so has she.
The lush vibrant ice worlds of Scandinavia show Mother ‘then’ when young, free and vibrant.  This is juxtaposed with her in Australia ‘now’ when aged, ravaged and facing an unavoidable decline as her final journey sees her seeking understanding and acceptance of her fate (and that of her world).
Tellingly, the impact of the world’s suffering has been significant in prolonging the Production since shooting began back in late 2019. 
In addition to the Covid Pandemic, the undulation between raging bush fires and record levels of rain and flooding in Australia have been highly impactful.
At a time when we cannot afford to delay our actions any longer Mother aims to connect with viewers in an impactful and engaging way that will speak to us all.
A huge thanks to the wonderful friends who helped donate their time and expertise to bring this project to life.
Written and Directed by Lester Jones
Cinematography by Ewan Donnachie
Mother (then): Bella Massey
Mother (now): Vivienne Powell
Voice: Sam Haft
Editor: Lucas Vazquez
Colourist: Fergus Rotherham 
VFX/Flame: Mikey Brown
Music Production: Goldstein
Composer: Nick Smith
Head of Production: Imogen Pring
Sound Design: Electric Sheep
Sound Designer/Mix Engineer: Georgia Collins
Producer: Kate Stenhouse
Interiors Crew
AC: Scott Dawson
2nd AC: Dave Svec
Gaffer: Nathan Grant
Art Direction: Ben Garvey
Art Department Assists: Bridget Stehli
Location Crew 
AC: Nathan Richards
Titles: Hamza Idrees Rais
Hair/Make Up: Afton Radojicic
Wardrobe: Maria Papandreas
Thanks to Southern Cross Cameras, Josh Hamill, Heliguy, Coralie Tapper and Luke Kneller.
#WorldWaterDay #WaterAction #Goal6 #BeTheChange #RippleEffect #Hummingbird

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