Made in conjunction with/for Andrew McDonald.
Director: Lester Jones
Written By: Lester Jones and Sean Gaji
Edited By: Lester Jones/Charlie Wheeler
DOP/Colourist: Andrew Buckley
The Icon: Astrid Holler
Wearing: Dress by Marc LeBihan, and necklace by Aleksandr Manamis, courtesy of Utopia Store, Sydney
The Dancer: Paul Walker
Wearing: Alxander Manamix, courtesy of Utopia Store, Sydney
The Lovers: Sarah Carter and Nikolai Carter
She wears: Shirt from Rollas, and Jeans from Neuw Denim
He wears: Shirt, jacket and Jeans from Neuw Denim
The Adventurer: Hareth Tayem
He wears: Neuw Denim and Rollas
Drone Photography: Cam Batten, Axis Aerial Works
Stylist: Nadene Duncan
Hair/Make Up: Rachel Sophie/Ali Robertson
Gaffer: Jay McNeill
Best Boy: Avi Michael
Grip: David Griffiths
1st AC: Dylan Jeffrey
Camera Assistant: Matt Floyd
Production Assistant: Zac Warnerford
Sound Design: Todd Falusi, Sound Reservoir
Narrator: Terry Serio
Location Sound Recording: Nathan Codner
Thanks to: Cinoptix, Sean Gaji, Andrew McDonald, Frank Hua at Utopia, IMG, Kurringai UTS, NSW National Parks, Sydney Prop Specialists.

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